These are used for military, public service, work overalls many of us wear uniforms with patches as an insignia.  On our recent stopover at Vancouver Airport we spotted many city & country themed sew on embroidered patches for the tourist market – they make a great gift.

It may be easier for people who don’t sew to use iron-on fusing tape and iron the patch on instead of stitching. Both options are presented here.

High speed computer controlled embroidery machines and fine raw materials produce a premium customised promotional product – sew on patches that continually delight our International client base.

By gifting just the patch companies can have a low cost collectible badge which can be stuck on customers favourite bags or clothing to create new and fashionable statements.  Badges are becoming increasingly popular in Social Media so look out for more of these.

In the example we give, Canadians get to express their love for their country.  Any brand that can command the same love and following is on the right path.

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