If you are a practitioner in the law industry, you may have needs in terms of promotional products, either for your staff, or as presents/giveaways to your clients. A company’s reputation is always meaningful, this is especially so when it comes to service companies, and this includes the law industry.

Therefore the question is: how can you improve a company’s reputation? Even though there is no “perfect answer” to that question, promotional products can be a relevant attempt to this. As said above, there are different ways of using promotional products. Giving any to your staff may be a good way to reinforce corporate spirit. If your collaborators go out of the office and bring these items with them, it can also be a good advertisement for your firm.

Promotional Products Top10 Law Firms Passport-Holder

Promotional Products Top10 Law Firms Passport-Holder

Nonetheless, the best way of using promotional items remains to give them directly to your clients. If you participate in trade shows: this is the place. Give your potential clients what they will perceive as a present is a good way to leave a deep impression. The more unique the item is, the better the impact will be! Last but not least is the way you are using promotional items! If you give them to your fellow clients as some sort of reward for the confidence they have into you and your firm, then it is a good way to maintain relationship with your client; by showing that you care about them.

Top 10 promotional products

Being at this part of the article, you are probably convinced your company needs promotional items, and you cannot wait to know what we propose. Even though we can basically manufacture everything, here is the Top 10 Law Firms’ Promotional Products list, in order to reach the goals cited above:

  • The Phone Cover is a trendy item, that can be both give to your staff and clients.
Top 10 Law Firms' Promotional Products - Personalized Smartphone Covers

Top 10 Law Firms’ Promotional Products – Personalized Smartphone Covers


  • The Vacuum Thermo is a good way to keep your  clients’ coffee warm.
  • The Travel Adapter is perfect for business trips abroad.
  • The Punching Bag is  an original way to release one’s stress.
  • The Mouse Pad Carpet is a classic in terms of promotional products.
  • The Card Holder is a classy way of promoting your firm.
  • The Passport Holder is perfect when it comes to take the plane.
  • The USB Key is a must-have for any company.
  • The Notebook is very useful, to take notes in a book.
  • The Pens are the most widespread way of promoting products.