As you know ODM is based in Zhuhai (South of China) and in Hong Kong. We are used to dealing with forwarders and couriers from all over the world as we ship containerised goods to our clients.
It’s pretty hard to find original promotional products related to this industry, the item below pushed the transport marketing to another level.


A clock as a part of a transport marketing campaign

Transport marketing: a unique clock to ship

Transport marketing: a unique clock to ship

This yellow container is something never seen before. Indeed, this product is actually a clock and thus has a real function.

As you can see this item is pretty high-end, that will definitely make a lot of people jealous; everybody will want one!
Have a look at the details of the door, they use real container hinges.

Of course the color is customizable and a logo can be print to some surfaces of the container.


The advantages of using original transport marketing

Transport marketing: a unique clock to ship

Transport marketing: a unique clock to ship


Nowadays, every industry has a lot of competition. Thus, each company has to be different from the other in order to stand out from the crowd.

Indeed, using promotional merchandise is always a good idea as those kind of items are pretty cheap but allow you to increase your brand awareness. It’s also a way to make your client more loyal to your company.
Here the container is very original, therefore that will show to your goodwill that you are unique and creative. Do not forget that it’s better when the giveaway tells a story about your brand; you share the same values.

This previous article from our blog is full of ideas: Custom Shipping Containers as Transport Marketing for Freight Industry

You want to develop your marketing, feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to assist you. Our designers can even create some unique products for you.