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Ultimate Saver

ODM launches an eco-friendly tgt1AC dimmer,  Ultimate Saver,  in cooperation with Singapore Polytechnic University.   Patent No.: PCT/SG2009/000325

The Ultimate saver is equipped with a motion sensor and a body heat detector. The dimmer will allows normal fluorescent lights to operate at a dim mode; upon detection of body heat; the AC dimmer will automatically switches the brightness pf the light from dim to full.  The AC dimmer is ideal for installation in staircases, corridors or places that had low human traffic to maximize energy saving while maintaining the minimum security.    ODM Innovations Singapore installed the AC dimmer in Singapore Government building (CPF building), Housing & Development Board as well as commercial building in bid to save on costs.

AC dimmer

In Singapore trials, the recorded maximum savings was US$ 25 per year.

ODM manufactures and installed the AC dimmer on local market first for trials before moving to international sales and marketing. With its energy saving and low cost features, Ultimate Saver is a revolutionary product that can help enterprises to achieve energy efficiency and environmental responsibilities.

Now, Ultimate Saver is being launched internationally at the HK Electronic show. Do come down to visit us – Booth EDE 08.