ODM is putting together a “best of” for Drinks related Promotional Products – more examples from VinExpo 2012 with this POS Promo from Astoria (wines and champagnes)

VinExpo 2012 - 9.5 Nine Dot Five Bucket, Astoria

This champagne bucket is really eye catching because we can see that it has been especially designed for the bottles of champagne which are inside.

In order to promote their products, Astoria also use inflatable champagne bottles, as you can see below, which were allowing people to see them from far of their stand. On this picture we can also see an ice-bag, a really cool promotional items which is used to keep a bottle at the good temperature and which is smaller than a bucket.

VinExpo 2012 - Astoria Inflatable Bottle

VinExpo 2012 - Astoria Inflatable Bottle

Do you like these products ? Do they make you feel like buying Astoria’s products ? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.