Yiwu International Trade Mart, also known as Futian Market, is the biggest trade centre in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province.

Boasting over 62,000 shops, the trade market attracts millions of visitors every year, one of them being ODM Asia! Our staff recently set out on a mission to the trade market; to source for suppliers and also understand the current promo gift trends…

Bird’s Eye View of Trade Mart

Spreading over 5 districts, the trade market consists of many commodities, such as stationery, toys, umbrellas, USB keys and many more. Each district showcases specific categories of items, so that buyers can easily find what they are looking for and compare prices. Our staff specifically went to the umbrella section in District 2 to have a look.

District 2 Layout

Our staff walked in to see rows of umbrella shops that featured huge selections of umbrellas; from golf to automatically folding. These umbrellas can be branded with a logo for your next marketing campaign.

Promotional Umbrella Shop

Rows of Promotional Umbrella Shops

If you’re interested in customising your own promotional umbrellas, feel free to contact our sales team. You can also take a look at our special promotional on umbrellas.

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