Most Stadiums and Outdoor events are serving beer in plastic cups.   For safety reasons plastic jugs and other items that can be used as projectiles are being banned in some stadiums, as is the case in Hong Kong.

cup holder in stadium

Cup Holder

Carrying cups of beer from a kiosk to your seat can then become a real challenge.    ODM has been working to provide a Multi Beer Holder to offer our clients a better solution than what already exists.

The key design goals

  1. Able to hold 4 plastic cups
  2. Handles for carrying process
  3. Small and foldable for storage
  4. Recyclable / Reusable
  5. Customisable for logos
  6. Suitable mass manufacture

Ideas: The initial concept was originated from the hexagonal petals of a poppy flower. The blooming process of a flower contributed to the idea of foldable designed petals.   Early on in the stage of development our Mindsparkz team noticed that this design was thoroughly unique and we decided to file a China Design Registration to give the product patent protection. China Design Reg. No. 200930196298.8

Design:  Cups can be placed into the holes on each petal. odm flowers In order to support the weight from the cups, we have specially design two petals (on the opposite sides) to fold upwards, to act as handles.   This helps with weight distribution and stability.   When Multi Beer Holder is not in use, all 6 petal sides can be folded, to ease portability.folding cup holderMould:  ODM’s Multi Beer Holder is currently mid way through mould development. The mould has been crafted exactly as per digital rendering and dimensions.   Making a mould in China is not cheap, but this mould will be making hundreds of thousands of these beer holders and the price will be amortised over mass cup holder mouldproduction.   We will be receiving our first samples in early September, and you can read about it first here..
The Multi Beer Holder can be printed in all pantone colors to suit.    Branding can be designed on the surface and we suggest most companies will Silk Screen their logo in place..

This foldable and light multi beer holder allows end users to take it home and use again and again, reinforcing the branding of the company who give this away.   Click here for more great beer promos.

UPDATE On Cup Holders:

ODM have tested this product at length and trialed production of the cup holders but found that the flexibility required for folding made the body of the holder overly flexible also, leading to lots of spillage for beers. For this reason we have shelved plans for further development of this style of Cup Holder.   We learned a lot on the development process and have been working with other companies on their designs for unique promotional products so please do get in touch if you would like to build your own.

For now we recommend opening this link and shopping for existing alternative cup holders unless you would like to work on creating a unique one.