xmas promosNow is the time for companies to order Christmas gifts for their clients.   Below we have indicated a general time line for this whole process and some great promotional products ideas.

Timeline for a typical promotional campaign.

Lets take the example of a company in Europe or USA looking to give a new gift to clients to celebrate Christmas or perhaps drive sales running up to Christmas.     Lets assume they decide that they want to make a Santa Claus  Plush toy in their company colours

  • Design Brief Submitted to ODM end August
  • Designs returned to client and product shortlist by 5th September
  • Samples received and confirmed by 15th September
  • Production over 1 month till 15th October
  • Shipment by sea taking about 1 month so goods in client hands 15th November.
  • Dispatch so products gifted to clients by end of November.

 Some other ideas for great Christmas promotional products

  • Tree ornament
  • Christmas tree miniatures
  • Xmas sign post
  • USB Snowman with music
  • Dancing Santa – can hold message board
  • Christmas pins
  • Russian Style stacked Xmas dolls
  • Drumming Santa
  • Snow Globe
  • Snow Flake

ODM will be offering Xmas themed promotional products until start of December, right up to Christmas, but we encourage clients to consult us earlier to avoid rush jobs, air shipment fees etc..  Also, the longer in advance companies plan, the more choice they have to create something really unique with our help.