Shanghai stadium hosted the IAAF Diamond League recently. It  is an annual series of athletics meets held from 2010 onwards, organized by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and destined to replace the IAAF Golden league, which has been held annually since 1998.

This meeting gathered many famous athletes such as the the World record holder in the 100 and 200m Usain Bolt and the famous chinese 110 metre hurdler Liu Xiang.

On this occasion promotional gifts were offered to the public by a famous Chinese brand of candies 冠生园 (guan sheng yuan). Inflatable cheer sticks for applauding the athletes were visible throughout the stadium.

The cheer sticks were offered with an air pump straw, and were printed with the brand, pictures and the name of the event.  Everyone in the stadium had their own pair of cheer sticks and candies giving strong advertising for the brand.

Customisable in different colors and shapes, regularly used at big games like NBA, CBA and football games, it is very simple to use and an easy way to display your brand for a big events.   Also great for concerts, sport events, meetings…

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