Here is another GWP promotion from Carrefour. With every purchase of this chewing gum you will get a self-stick holder completely free!

Self-stick holder as GWP@Carrefour

This promotional campaign comprises all the details necessary for a successful promotion. First of all, this promotional gift is extremely useful. You can stick it to any surface and hang some trifles on it. Secondly, its design is adorable and funny! You will smile everytime you cast a glance at this nice holder.

All in all, even such a trifle as a self-stick holder can increase a product’s perceived value significantly. Companies should never underestimate the effect of such promotional campaigns.

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And a brief summary of this promotion for our Russian followers:

Забавный держатель на липучке в подарок – что может быть приятнее? Именно этот скромный, но веселый промо-подарок Вы получите при покупке жевательной резинки в магазине Carrefour в Чжухае. Наверняка многие выберут именно эту марку жевательной резинки только благодаря данному промо-подарку. Мелочь – а приятно!