May 1 is Labour Day (劳动节 – láo dòng jié), or known more colloquially as May Day (五一节 – wǔ yī jié) holiday to celebrate labourers and the working classes. It has been a long focal point for demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and anarchist groups and celebrations typically feature elaborate popular and military parades.

This year, the holiday will be celebrated from May 1st until May 3rd. Businesses and establishments will be closed during the holiday break.

Chinese National Holiday - Labour Day (劳动节)

Chinese National Holiday – Labour Day (劳动节)

Please kindly note this can mean disruptions to shipping, production, and procurement for that day. Our Vietnam office will also be closed on April 30 as we celebrate Reunification Day and on May 1 in observance of Labor Day.


How is Labour Day (劳动节) Celebrated in China?

Labour Day in China is usually celebrated by visiting places and going in shopping sprees. It is generally a fun-filled day as people enjoy their break. Every year, Labour day is celebrated with noise and merrymaking on the streets, with many people traveling around the country and visiting tourists spots. However, due to COVID 19, travel restrictions are still in place for international and across provinces travels.

This national holiday can be traced back to 1918. The first Labor Day commemorative activity in China was said to be held on May 1, 1920. Around 1921 and 1922, labor groups and activists organized unions, established educational centers to educate ordinary workers, and pushed for better conditions for Chinese industrial workers. But it was only after the founding of New China in 1949 that Labor Day — called Laodong Jie (劳动节) was declared a holiday.


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