Fubon Bank in Hong Kong is offering gifts with subscriptions as an incentive for their Titanium Card subscription program. The promotional products featured in this leaflet consists of a luggage bag and a set of stylish headphones.

Fubon Bank Gifts with Subscriptions!

Fubon Bank Gifts with Subscriptions!

For ever successful application, customers can choose to bring home a MiHK 20 luggage bag or a Boom Renegade Headphones. Both gifts are equally attractive and of high utility value. Not to mention, these gifts have always been commonly used gifts with subscription. Today, they still remain as one of the top preferred choice as promotional giveaways. For example, the TIME magazine is currently offering a similar promotional gift set. So why are these products such a popular gift with subscription? ODM finds out why. Read on to know the answer!

Why companies like these Gifts with Subscriptions?

Boom Renegade Headphones - Gifts with Subscriptions!

Boom Renegade Headphones – Gifts with Subscriptions!

Luggage bags and headphones, both items have one thing in common – An “ever staying power”. These products have a long product life. When your company offers a gift like this, customers can use it over and over again.  For example, when we use our smartphones we would use headphones as well! As a result you are offering your customer a product that can be used on a regular basis. These gifts have a strong ever staying power that is able to accompany your customers for a very long time! Besides that, it is a typical consumer behaviour whereby customers would usually prefer gifts that are useful and lasting. So do remember to avoid gifts that spoils easily and offer your customers with gifts that are practical.

MiHK 20 luggage bag - Gifts with Subscriptions!

MiHK 20 luggage bag – Gifts with Subscriptions!

Furthermore, banks like Fubon Bank likes gifts that can portray their generosity. For instance, gifts like a luggage bag have a higher perceived value than any other ordinary bag! And by offering a useful promotional gift like this, you will be able to enhance positive feelings about your company. Customers like to feel valued. And when they feel valued, they will definitely support your company and this in turns improves customer loyalty.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get started with this promotion today!