Schwarzkopf always surprises their customers with amazing giveaways. For their current marketing campaign for one of their brands, Schauma, they are offering a great in-pack promotional gift – customized watercolour set. The watercolour set is packaged in an attractive bright packaging, and also comes along with a paintbrush.

Why does the customized watercolour set make a great promotional product?

While choosing a gift with purchase product for your next campaign, it’s important to think about your target audience. The main criteria that you need to consider is the age of your customers, gender and areas of interests that this group of consumers may have. The marketing product should be bright and have an eye-catching design. At the same time gifts should be useful to push the customer to make the purchase.

Customized Watercolour Set for an In-Pack Promo

Customized Watercolour Set for an In-Pack Promo

Schauma kids is a special line of hair care products for children and younger audiences. The promotional set consists of a shampoo and a shower gel made especially for kids. It is packed in a branded gift box with full colour print on all sides and a window where you can see the products and the promotional gift. The customized watercolour set is also branded with the company logo for the better brand visibility. This free item is extremely useful for kids and will attract the attention of not only kids, but also their parents. Offering such a product shows new customers that you take care of your customers.

From the marketing aspect, the gift packaging is perfect, as it shows customers the special promotion, while also providing extra space for branding. The colourful and eye-catching design of the products will increase brand recognition, and as a result, boost your sales and generate more revenue. It’s also a safe product, which you always have to be conscious about when dealing with products made for children.

Feel free to contact ODM if you would be interested in discussing your promotional campaign and receive advice regarding your marketing gifts. We will be happy to assist you with the product design and production.

A summary of the case for our Russian followers:

Не пропустите замечательную промоакцию от Schauma в этом месяце. При покупке специального  набора для детей вы получаете набор акварельных красок в подарок. Возможность получить подарок при покупке это самый проверенный и надёжный способ стимуляции продаж. Schauma всегда заботится о своих покупателях, даже о самых маленьких.