Our Singapore team just finished a hands on workshop with Design for Enterprises – organized by Design Singapore Council, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and SPRING Singapore.

Objective: Synergize efforts to drive the adoption of design as a strategic differentiator and competitive enabler for Singaporean companies.

For ODM Innovations, this will help us further focus our clients on the value of design and how it is a vital element in growing a business.

This workshop has 3 parts:

  • Part 1- Discovering the role of effective communication design as a basis for successful business
  • Part 2- Product Design Innovation Strategy: The force behind achieving a sustainable business advantage
  • Part 3- How to generate competitive advantage by applying strategic decisions to your marketing function

The program focuses on areas like general awareness on value of design to skilful integration of design into business strategies:

  1. Design Touch- Broad based outreach to raise awareness on the value of design
  2. Design Engage- Expert guided assistance to help design-ready enterprise build up design capabilities and integrate strategic design thinking into their business operations and strategies
  3. Design Excel- Platform to nurture enterprises that have reached a certain stage of design maturity become internationally recognizes as leaders in good design.

The ODM group and Mindsparkz team will continue to participate in such workshops and programs in Singapore and gain a greater competive advantage for our clients.