Our Singapore office team underwent a Technology Road Mapping Session last week held by the A*Star Science and Engineering Research Council, Singapore.

The objective of this training is both operational and technology driven.   Our business assessment allowed us to gain a greater understanding of the current position of our inventions team and service.   As a leading business incubator in Singapore we are focussed on providing a stronger strategic focus for the company.

Several key areas are addressed in the form of functional discussions.  These were coupled with a process walk through with the whole team to map out company activities and inventions.  In the form of guided discussion with a questionnaire, ODM was able to focus on issues such as:

  • Industry situation – Rate of the market, Key success factors for the firm operating in the industry etc
  • Competitors
  • Complimentary services
  • Customer issues
  • Supplier Issues
  • Company performance and strategy ( Marketing strategy – USP of ODM Innovations, Performance Metrics, Operational issues)

By evaluating the organization, competitors and industry, this assessment will help guide and map the direction of ODM Innovations.   This should further improve their competitive advantage in the market.