With fathers day just past and the summer season firmly taking hold in the UK, there are many new promotions on the marketplace.  Glastonbury Music Festival is underway and Wimbledon Tennis Promos are in full Swing.

Here’s a fresh breeze from summer fragrances, offering all kinds of luxury incentive gifts.  The fragrance market is a fashionable area and thus fashionable incentives are a must.

Ralph Lauren are one of the more prestigious companies operating within the industry.  They are offering this stylish duffle bag for customers looking for a fresh elegant fragrance.   This fashionable hand luggage comes in  different colours to match the different scents.

Promotional Hand Luggage

Paco Rabanne are offering a luxurious branded hang bag for ladies who prefer to carry their enticing fragrances around with them so they can apply cosmetics on the go throughout the day.

Bag as Gift with Purchase

 As can be seen in the photo there is also a limited edition version that comes in a diamond shaped vial surrounded by an eye-catching piece of costume jewellery. This is a great promotion for the keen summer shopper looking to bag a bargain, and carry their purchase around in style.

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