SZ – a popular German newspaper- is running a great promotion. Customers who decide to purchase a 12 weeks subscription will get a new high quality travel bag for free as a promo gift.

With this promotional item the newspaper wants to convince the potential customers to subscribe to their newspaper. This marketing strategy is quite rational because such a promotional gift could be the reason why they choose your product.

Furthermore, the company will improve its image by giving away high quality promo products.

All in all, this promotional product can be a good way to increase the number of customers.

German SZ Promotion – free travel bag

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Just a few words for our German readers:

Die Süddeutsche Zeitung biete ein 12 – wöchiges Abo an, bei dem es kostenlos eine hochwertige Reisetasche dazu gibt. Dieses Angebot soll möglichst viele Kunden davon überzeugen ein langfristiges Abo bei der SZ abzuschließen. Solche Werbeartikel sind generell ein guter Weg Kunden zu erreichen, die normalerweise kein Interesse an einem Abonnement haben