Victoria’s Secret comes up with new promo gift to boost sales. Simply make any Victoria’s Secret Beauty purchase of $50 or more to receive a luxurious pink travel pouch.

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Take a look at this dainty-looking travel pouch and read on to find out more about this promotion!

Get Feminine with Luxurious Promo Gift- Victoria’s Secret

Get Feminine with Luxurious Promo Gift- Victoria’s Secret

How will Promo Gift Boost Sales?

Most women love free gifts that come along with their purchases. It would be even better if the promotional gifts were attractive enough to make them willing to spend more.

Victoria’s Secret was able to come up with this promo gift that would attract the attention of their target audience, the women. A bright-colored pink luxurious travel pouch would definitely be able to catch the hearts of many women and attract them to make purchases with Victoria’s Secret. Sales could be boosted greatly as a result.

Attractive Yet Practical Promo Gift

Attractive is not the only factor that entices customers to make purchases. Practicality also affects the willingness of customers to top up to the certain amount to be entitled to the free gift. This luxurious travel pouch is attractive and could be used to store anything a woman needs in their daily life.

Branding the Travel Pouch

Victoria’s Secret brands their promo gift by imprinting their logo name on the front of the travel pouch. This makes the pouch unique and yet able to increase brand awareness for Victoria’s Secret. When people use this travel pouch, they would be reminded of Victoria’s Secret and in the long run may even develop brand loyalty. Furthermore, do not belittle such promo gift as they may very well be acting as free walking advertisement for you! Other people who come across this travel bag would be able to notice the brand name as well.

Be sure to brand your promotional gift items when considering giving any to your customers!