Special K Cereal

Special K Cereal

Nowadays, females have very high purchasing power. As a result, more and more companies are fighting over these smart and wise female consumers! No doubt that it would be fierce battle in this competitive industry. So how does your company attract attention and captivate the interest of women? Well, here is a case study on Kellogg’s to show how companies could win the hearts of women with the clever use of on pack promotion!

The Kellogg Company is a multinational food manufacturing company that is based in the US. Some of their main production includes your daily breakfast cereal and convenience food such as crackers, cereal bars and etc. Their products are manufactured in more than 17 countries and sold in over 150 countries. Some of the well known brands that you might’ve heard of are Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Pringles and many more.

Currently, Kellogg’s is hosting a promotion in Canada for one of its cereal brand, Special K. Kelogg’s has collaborated with New balance, a popular sports apparel brand for this on pack promotion! With the purchase of any marked Special K cereal or crisps customers would receive a free New Balance Lightning Dry Tank Top! Check out below for this promotion!

 Kellogg's On Pack Promotion

Kellogg’s On Pack Promotion

How Kellogg’s benefit from this On Pack Promotion?

ODM likes this on pack promotion because it caters a very relevant gift to its target audience. Special K offers cereals and snacks for customers who are weight conscious. This particular brand provides a delicious way for customers to stay in shape with their products that offer a variety of sensible weight maintenance options. As a result, you can find that the target audience of this cereal brand would most likely be females. So using New Balance’s Lighting Dry Tank Top would definitely attract these female customers. This gift is not only branded but also a very practical exercising wear that encourages customers to exercise regularly. Needless, to say customers would definitely maintain a healthy weight with their Special K cereal and snacks as well as an adequate amount of exercises. This improves Kellogg’s sales and brand awareness!

How New Balance benefit from this On Pack promotion?

This collaboration benefits both parties. As Kellogg’s sale improves, it also improves New Balance’s brand recognition and brand awareness. When the tank tops are imprinted with New Balance’s logo and brand name, it will remind Kellogg’s customers of this famous sports apparel. As a result, New Balance benefits from this opportunity to reach a greater pool of potential customers!

Other relevant promotional ideas!

Well if your target audience are mainly females as well, your company could consider the following promotional items: