Why is this on pack promo as easy as 1-2-3? Simply follow three steps and you could get a free New Balance Lightning Dry T-Shirt sent right to your doorstep! Simply purchase two Kellog’s Vector meal replacement packs at any time and enter the unique PIN codes on the website. Next, select your T-Shirt size and check your mail for the free shirt sent.

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Sporty On Pack Promo as Easy as 1-2-3

Sporty On Pack Promo as Easy as 1-2-3

How would Sporty T-shirt Boost Vector’s Sales?

Most people who would purchase Vector’s cereal are health-conscious and Vector has targeted their on pack promo towards this group of targeted audience. A sports T-shirt would be able to attract consumers to purchase Vector’s products.

Dri-fit T-shirts are comfortable to wear and it leaves your body free from sweat even after wearing it for the whole day. Definitely a very good promotional product to offer your sporty customers. T-shirts make good promo gifts as well because of its durability. People can reuse the shirts over and over till they are worn out and this would attract them to such promotional items.

Branding your On pack Promo Gifts

T-shirts have large surface area for you to brand your company logo and/or details on it. Branding your promo gifts would help increase brand awareness for your company and acts as free walking advertisement unknowingly. Users of these branded T-shirts would be reminded of your brand name and this builds brand loyalty. People who come across these shirts or used it on loan would also be able to learn of your brand name. This could all help lead to increased sales for your business in the long run!

Grab your chance to boost sales for your business and start branding your promotional gifts before giving out to your customers!