A promo gift is any marketing product we want to use in the market to promote our brand and increase its awareness through different promotions. The time when the product gains in usage is when it is specifically produced to help the customer out during their daily life and provide them an excellent service. For example, a mini water spray fan with ice is a tremendously valuable promo gift to offer our clients as part of our summer campaign.

We can see below an example of this amazing promo gift which can be part of our summer campaign:


Mini Water spray fan with ice as a promo gift 5264

Mini Water spray fan with ice as a promo gift 5264

How does this promo gift help our brand increase its awareness?

In this promo gift we can easily brand it with our logo in any position to promote our brand to the public and gradually increase our awareness as more promotional products will be exposed to people. Also, another point to take into account is that customers always like to receive different kinds of promotional products whether it is included on pack, as a giveaway or part of a promotion offer.

This promo gift is essential for the summer season as it is portable and of massive help for anyone who lives in really hot places. Imagine to be able to cool down in extremely desperate hot conditions? This amazing product also has the facility to include small chunks of ice inside the fan to provide us with extra cooling facilities.

As you can see in the picture above the fan can be personalized also in different colors according to your requirements including pantone colors.

In order to stay competitive and get clients to focus in our brands rather than rivals we need to maintain them satisfied with a great service. Why not offer them this valuable promo gift as giveaway?

Boost your brand name in front of others!