Following its recent gift with subscription, Time magazine is once again attracting customers with it’s new promotional giveaway.  This time round, instead of promotional backpacks, Time magazine is giving away a free portable paper shredder for every yearly subscription package!

Gift with Subscription - Promotional Paper Shredder

Time magazine uses high end promotional products in their promotional campaign to  increase the perceived value of the promotion. This captivates the attention of potential customers and acts as an incentive product that induces them to subscribe to the magazine. This is a brilliant promotional strategy to raise readership.

ODM feels that this promotional item can be branded with a company logo to further enhance brand awareness. Given it’s functionality, this promotional gift guarantees long term visibility which maximises marketing efforts and provides free advertisement long after the promotional period is over.

With the appropriate promotional merchandise, you can magnify the influence of a brand name. Feel free to contact us and our team of trained staff will brainstorm a promotional merchandise that is fitted just for you!

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