Corona is a Mexican beer brand which was first brewed in 1925. Since then the brand has been focusing in the key word of connections, relating to people coming together, strangers becoming friends and old friend becoming even closer. It represents a philosophy of living in the moment that has been embraced around the world. Throughout its existence, it has always cared about their customers offering different kind of promotional products and giveaways.

For example we can see this table tennis rackets in the picture below as an example of giveaways.


Giveaways by Corona: Leisure Items

Giveaways by Corona: Leisure Items


Using Giveaways to Increase Brand Awareness?

Firstly, the most important fact is that wherever a customer uses these table tennis rackets it will be in spare time and in a relaxing environment. This is essential as it completely meets the philosophy of the brand and represents fully its missions. This is an excellent way of increasing brand awareness as these products will be used in a public area which means that many people will see and remember the brand. This will help to retain existing customers and attract potential new customers.

The idea behind these branded leisure items is that the customer will use it within a friendly environment to have fun with family and friends. Maybe after a table tennis game a Corona beer could be had to relax even more. Simple but very unique. Also, offering giveaways frequently to an existing client will make them feel important as they will always think that the brand has done something for them (provide them with a practical item that can be used frequently).

Giveaways should be part of every business marketing campaign as it will indirectly help the brand increase its profit margins as customers will eventually purchase more products. Therefore, to building a professional customer relationship, giveaways or any other promotional items should be essential to succeed in the business world.