This promotion was spotted at Carrefour in China. Simply purchase Kettlin toothpaste and get a toy car as a gift with purchase. Choose from branded miniature police cars or race cars. To highlight your company’s speedy service, choose a customized Formula 1 car complete with your logo on the hood. This toy car is surely a great offer for dental related companies as a promotional item.

Giveaways Toy Car by Kettlin in China

Giveaways Toy Car by Kettlin in China

How this gift with purchase can help in driving sales?

Don’t make just any impressions. Use promotional gift with purchase to make the right impression. Gift with purchase can help in driving sales. Branded toys are two of the leading promotional advertising products because they are fun and memorable and give your customers a tangible piece of your company to take home.

It is important to know the demographic of those that are of your target. Choosing colours, styles and items that will be more apt to target a particular group of people will help you to choose those items that will work best for advertising your business. Kids always have certain toys they like the most. They are often emotionally attached to these toys. This means that it is a product that will have a long-term effect.

Promotional products advertising can be a very cost effective way to advertise for your business. Buying low-cost products and passing them out to customers, potential customers at trade shows can really flood the market with your business name and logo.

Planning out your promotional products will allow you to use them strategically throughout  the year. It does more than just advertising. It creates a friendly reminder of your business at each and every turn.

Some words in Russian for our Russian followers:

Рекламная игрушка вызывает положительные эмоции, которые проецируются на рекламную кампанию, и повышает к ней лояльность. Игрушка это хороший рекламный ход, выделяющий Вас из ряда стандартных рекламных акций. ODM поможет Вам подобрать правильный рекламный продукт для Вашей компании.