Saint Honore Cake Shop, one of the largest bakeries in Hong Kong is offering a gift with purchase promotion now! Simply purchase any 1 lb cake from Saint Honore Cake Shop to receive a free Pook-a-Looz Happy Plate…

Happy Plate Promotional By Saint Honore Cake Shop

The Happy Plate is brightly coloured to capture the attention of passerby. The use of licensed characters in this promotional gift transformed it into an incentive product instantly! The 6 designs in the Disney collection not only offer more options for its consumers but also entices them to buy more, hence, driving sales.

Furthermore, this promotional item is complementary to what the business has to offer. Customer love to receive gifts that complement their purchases. Don’t you think it’s such a waste that Saint Honore did not take the chance to brand the Happy plate with its logo? By branding, consumers will be well reminded of your brand whenever the plate is used.

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