Buy a bottle of beer “Klinskoe” and get a cool promotional gift for free. Russian beer lovers could get excited! Until December 20th, Russian brewing company hold a promo dedicated to upcoming holiday Halloween. Simply buy a bottle of beer with a special label, register promo code on the web-site and get a choice of a promotional gift – thermo case for beer bottles, sweatshirt with logo or headphones.

Halloween theme as an idea for promotion

Halloween theme as an idea for promotion


Promotional gift with the theme of upcoming holiday. Why is it a successful idea?

Companies should start getting prepared before the holidays. They have to survive the competition with others not only through advertising, but also on the sales market. In order to attract the maximum of potential clients companies should provide the most convenient service for clients, make additional discounts, and prepare marketing gifts! Complimentary gift before the holidays is a great way to promote your product. 

This brewing company demonstrates a greatmarketing solution offering their customers a thermo case for beer bottles, a hoodie and headphones as a promotional items.

Promotional gifts for Halloween

Promotional gifts for Halloween

Such an active form of advertising allows the brand to attract new customers and increase sales. All these items are quite successful idea for a promotional gift. Psychologists are sure that in the process of having food and drinks people are relaxed and enjoying it. During this time theirmind focuses on logo on the promo items. Therefore, unconsciously person is sure that the company with the this logo can give him only positive emotions.

Our Russian readers may find a brief description of this promotion below:

Отмечай Хэллоуин вместе с пивом «Клинское»! «Клинское» предлагает тебе стать частью всемирного веселья и праздника в честь самого «страшного» праздника этой Осени – Хелловина в стиле К! Покупай пиво «Клинское» собирай и регистрируй коды, получай уникальные подарки с тематическими дизайнами! Для участия в акции необходимо: 

  • Найдите уникальный промо-код под крышкой бутылки или банки пива “Клинское” с уникальным дизайном “Halloween в стиле К”.
  • Регистрируйте коды на сайте акции k-halloween.
  • Накапливайте баллы и выигрывайте уникальные призы!

Гарантированные призы:

  • 80 баллов – Термо-чехол для бутылки (6000 шт.);
  • 100 баллов – Толстовка (1000 шт.);
  • 200 баллов – Наушники (500 шт.).