Hong Kong office would be closed on Wednesday, 5th October so please direct any urgent enquiries to our Singapore office that day.   Our China Buying Office will remain closed for Golden Week, opening again on Friday.

HK Holidays - Chung Yeung Festival

Chung Yeung Festival, also known as Autumn Remembrance or Qing Ming Festival, is a day to pay respects and remember ancestors. It is very popular ritual within the Chinese community in Hong Kong and a family tradition for many, traditional meaning “Going up the mountain”.

Also known as a day for hiking, families climb up the hills to visit the graves of their deceased ancestors, performing cleansing rites and usually followed with a picnic that includes sharing of chinese cakes known as Ko. It is believed that Ko, once eaten, would bring good health and prosperity in future.

After many Public holidays and HK shutting down for Typhoon, this is the last planned holiday for our Buying Office until Christmas.