Pantone Colour Guides are important tools to all designers, printers and manufacturers. Pantone Colour Matching System is a standard of colours that are mixed among 15 different pigments (including black and white) to form over more than 1,100 spot colours. Have a look at some of the items in the ODM office that are pantone-matched.

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We have a number of clients who want their promotional products to be Pantone-matched, to ensure consistency of the colours. Since Pantone is an internationally recognized standard, we can be sure that spot colours quoted around the world is the same. This standard helps all clients and suppliers who deal with colours reduce mistakes effectively.

On every Pantone spot colour, a mixing formula is shown in percentages. This helps factories to determine how much of dye to use to get the right Pantone colour.

There are a few steps to take note before evaluating colours on Pantone Guides, with reference to Pantone Plus Series Guide.

1. Check if you have suitable lighting conditions

Pantone Lighting Indicator

Lighting conditions may affect your judgement on colour evaluation. Included free in Pantone Plus Series Guide, a lighting indicator known as ColorChecker® is available at the end of the guide. If the colours on ColorChecker® match, you are most likely to make an accurate colour evaluation. If you see a significant difference, we suggest to seek an alternative area with better lighting conditions.

2. Use the index for quick searches

Pantone Promotional Products

If you already have a Pantone number, make use of the index at the end of the Pantone Plus Series Guide to find the right colour. Otherwise, you can search for the colour by flipping through the guide arranged in chromatic order.

3. Coated or Uncoated?

Depending on the type of products you are looking at, we generally refer to the Coated guide. The basic difference between these two are the colours appearing on two types of paper, one often on glossy surfaces, another on paper we commonly use, eg. printing paper and letterheads. Coated surfaces often absorb less ink but retain ink well.

The difference between a coated and the uncoated can be big..

Pantone Coated Promotions

Or small..

Pantone Uncoated Promotions

Though made of the same mixing formula, the difference in both coated and uncoated can affect your colour evaluation.

Note: Online Pantone Guides may only be used brief reference and not actual colour evaluation. Every display may show different colour shades on the same Pantone colour.

Tell us about all your experiences with the Pantone Guides! Let us know some of the projects you are working on that are Pantone-related!