The launch of iPhone 4 has brought about tremendous growth in the accessories market. On 15th of July, factories specialising in iphone and ipod accessories congregated in Hong Kong’s ETech Centre to showcase latest technology in the “iPhone 4: We’re Ready” conference.

More than 5 firms showcased unique and creative accessories that revolved around Apple’s gadgets such as docking systems, chargers, protective casing and more.

The sleek design and wide array of colors of these headphones are attractive. With its wireless function, these headphones are great for hands-free activities. Further, it is compatible to all of Apple’s iPod and iPhone series.


  • Music control located on the headphone
  • Answer calls
  • Microphone for calls and Skype

This wireless speaker is built for sports and games. As demonstrated in the event, this speaker is resistant to water and one can comfortably engage in outdoor activities with high quality stereo music that can last up to 6 hours. There is a multi-function clip that enables the speaker to be attached to almost any object like bicycles, bags, etc…

This is the first solar charger created specially for the iPhone 4. It requires approximately 15 hours under the sun, in good conditions, to harness up to 2000mAh – enough energy to power 6 hours of talk time on the iphone.

A multi-purpose iphone and ipod band is given to the conference attendants at the end of the event. Made of mesh fabric, its ventilating property is well suited for sports activities.  Furthermore, its long strap enables one to attach it to his/her arm or legs. The PVC pocket protects the ipod/iphone during rainy weather.