The micro-finance website promoted their web site with 8,000 free US$ 25 micro-finance loans for the first two weeks of August. The promotion consists of having existing members invite friends of theirs that are not members to use the website by giving out a free US$ 25 loan which goes towards funding projects in poorer countries.

This loan can not be redeemed & can be used one time on the website to lend to one of the projects of the user’s choice. Members who send out invitations will get free gifts if his friends accept the invitation and make free loan.

KIVA promoting Micro-Finance, with free loans and promotional gifts!

For five friends that make a loan the user will receive a KIVA t-shirt and for twenty loans the user will receive a free KIVA fleece jacket!

This is a terrific way to promote Kiva’s micro-finance platform.  Current users can receive free gifts if they invite their friends to join the website. Kiva is relying on the good will of their users to advertise their website by giving out gifts with the intention to increase their user base.

KIVA could do more promotional campaigns such as giving out free gifts to users who have made over twenty, fifty or one hundred loans. This will push users to continually loan money over and over again.

Promotional campaigns could help KIVA exponentially expand their user base and thus increase the amount of funds loaned to individuals across the world in order to finance an ever growing number of projects! Some ideas of gifts can be very basic such as a notepad, a pen, a stress ball, or a book on micro-finance.

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