This promotion by Kool-Aid was spotted at the Target department store in Las Vegas last month. The brand gave away Kool-Aid Man cards as on-pack collectibles with every 6 bottles of Kool Aid.

Kool- Aid Promotions

We like this promo because of its special promo gift. The Kool-Aid Man card can be used in many different ways. At the back of the promo, there are instructions to a variety of activities using these cards.

Activities using this promo gift…

  • Great decoration for your bicycle wheels!
  • Challenge yourself and your friends to build a tower of cards!
  • Play card memory game!
  • Trade the Kool-Aid collectibles cards with your friends!

The brand even encourages kids to be creative and make up their own games. This is a smart strategy to extend the life of a simple promo gift. With its brand name printed on it, these cards can also create free advertisements when used.

Be Creative! Reflective Cards

We’ve got another idea for such promo products. Give away cards with reflective surface so it can be used as a safety product for both kids and adults. Stick it to your clothes, bags or bikes at night to provide high visibility. Especially useful for kids and bikers. This affordable and practical gift can certainly delight your customers.

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