Not sure what promo gift to give away for the next promotion? Check out this earphone winder card. Read on to find out more…



A great tool to keep earphones untangled and organised. Suitable for all electronic gadget users. It can also be an effective marketing tool for your brand. Promote your brand by printing logo/designs/marketing messages on the card. To increase the value of this promo gift, logo can also be embossed on the card.

We like this product because it is…

  • Simple and Useful
  • Handy and Convenient ( can be easily stored in wallets/ bags)
  • Affordable
  • Great for repeat usage( Long term brand advertisement)
  • Easy to Produce
  • Light Weight
  • Available in plastic, silicon, wood or paper.

Other than organizing earphones…

Modifications can be made to the card for other functions. Be creative, use the card to organize other items like long wires,rubber bands, shoe laces or even leftover ribbons from Christmas gift wrapping!

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