ODM has manufactured a light up lip gloss as a promotional gift for ladies conferences in Australasia and the USA.    Ever have a problem applying lipstick in a cab, nightclub or anywhere that is dark?  This light up lip gloss provides the perfect solution!  It comes with 2 tiny LED lights embedded in the bottle cap and a mirror on the side.

The LED lights are activated as soon as you unscrew the cap and they stay lit until you close it up.  Light bounces off your lips and onto the side mirror so that you can see & apply your lipstick with precise accuracy.

Even if you feel that you do not need this extra help, this ingenious gadget will still garner lots of attention from onlookers when you use it in the dark.

Available in many shades (pantone colours), this light up lip gloss can also be packed in a customised paper box or blister card. Print your logo on the lid or packaging & it will make a great gift  to go with your promotional campaign.

ODM visit Cosmoprof every year to see the latest cosmetics trends.