Promo gifts have proven to be successful in any market. Despite having competitors with similar products, offering promo gifts can always give your brand a competitive advantage.

Companies that specialize in camping equipment can look at lunch boxes as promo gifts. This is because people who go camping would need to use lunch boxes to store their food. In addition, a lunch box is cost effective. Producing the lunch boxes in bulk can also help to bring down the cost per unit.

Apart from that, personalized designs can also be made on the lunch boxes.

We can see a picture below of the lunch boxes we could use as promo gifts:

Fly high with travelling promo gifts

Fly high with travelling promo gifts

How can these kind of promo gifts entice customers to keep purchasing from your brand?

The answer is quite simple, offering a promotional gift constantly would entice customers to keep purchasing. But of course, the item given must be changed after a period of time so as to attract customers who already have the previous gift to make repeat purchases. Also, having a practical promo gift can help to entice customers to keep purchasing from you brand.

A promo gifts that the customer can use frequently should be chosen. Also the season in which the promotional item can be used should also be taken into consideration. Like this, you may choose to have 4 different promotions each year, one for each season! In the case of the lunch boxes, there can be 4 different designs, one for each season.

Lunch boxes can also be customized based on materials used. For example you can have a high-end stainless steel lunch box with engraving done on it. Alternatively, you may also choose to offer a simple, cheap lunch box made out of plastic.