Russian branch of Mitsubishi is currently running a lucky draw promotion in connection with the launch of a new HotRodS air conditioner. Stand a chance to win a Mitsubishi ASX car with every purchase of the air conditioner!

But apart from that, there are also other great prizes to be won. To participate, simply visit the official site of this Mitsubishi promo campaign and follow the instructions. The lucky draw prizes are divided into three categories.

Those who will manage to register among the first hundred, will get a promotional branded umbrella. Umbrellas seem to be quite a popular promotional gift and for a reason: they are practical and have a wide target audience.

Promotional Umbrella by Mitsubishi

If you happen to register among the second hundred, you will be entitled to a beach set, which includes flip-flops and a tote bag, both also branded. These promotional items are especially appealing during summer.

Promotional Beach Set

Finally, the third hundred will receive a stylish hoody!

Promotional Hoody by Mitsubishi

This is a well-planned promotion since the prizes are not instant and the consumers have to visit the website. This makes them think of Mitsubishi brand for a considerable period of time thus enhancing brand recall. In addition, this is a great opportunity for Mitsubishi to obtain customers data  which can be used in future.

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A brief description of this promotional campaign for our Russian followers:

Mitsubishi запустила новую промо-акцию в России, в рамках которой все покупатели кондиционеров из серии HotRodS могут стать обладателями кроссовера Mitsubishi ASX, а также других замечательных промо-подарков. Первые 300 зарегистрировавшихся на сайте участников получат зонты, пляжные наборы или толстовки! Все промо-подарки брендированы с целью повышения узнаваемости бренда.