Check out this online lucky draw promotion by Carling UK.  It gives customers the chance to win a Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy. Everyone of legal age is eligible to take part in the lucky draw.

The Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy is a portable canopy that users can carry around. In this case for Carling beers, it is targeting at customers who like the outdoors life.

Portable shelter for promotional use

Look how handy the canopy can be, from a full-sized canopy occupying less than one cubic foot of space, into a lightweight backpack. It includes easily accessible pockets for putting car keys, water bottles, coins, spectacles. This ensures you have proper places to put your valuables and not end up searching for it after enjoying in the sun.

High quality promotional products

Beer Promos like these really help you stand out from the crowd, and with high value they are sure to be a pretty limited series.  Who wouldn’t want to bring one along to their next hiking/picnic trip!

Canopy for picnic

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