Mannings HK is giving away this gift with purchase – a spacious organiser, allowing its customers to constantly enjoy the many great deals Mannings has to offer.

Promo Mechanism: Purchase of personal care products of 99HKD and above, you get this Mannings Organiser worth 65HKD. Sounds like a good bargain?   Here are some of the various benefits of using such a promo mechanism:

  • Offers high utility, and creates synergy with this strategy; the organiser being able to store the various personal care products when travelling.
  • Increase perceived value of the purchase, and being exclusive, may stir up an impulse thought to actually spend that amount to enjoy the great deal.
  • Heightened Customer Loyalty

Promotional GWP - Organiser

GWPs are always a great way to get customers spending if the particular product is not meeting sales expectations. With the brand logo imprinted, the brand can also enjoy increased visibility and exposure, creating a win-win situation for both brand and consumer.