Mannings HK is currently featuring an interesting luggage strap by L’Oreal – the global leader in cosmetics and beauty care.

Spend HK$ 99 or more on any L’Oreal Men Expert products and customers are able to receive this gift with purchase.   Advertised on Shelf talkers in-store, this draws customers to buy multiple products from the brand during their shop.

A Distinct L'Oreal Luggage Strap helps recipients spot their luggage easily

We can never stop emphasizing how important it is to get your promotional products right. Simplicity in your promotional products may sound easy and typical, but perfecting them is another story.

In this case, a simple luggage strap with a touch of L’Oreal changes the entire vibe of the item. In the end, it also comes down to how your brand pulls it off – not necessarily with complex or unique promotional items.