Gift with Purchase Promotions

Mannings Hong Kong are giving away a promo cup with the purchase of Tongrentang‘s cold remedy of $30 and above. Mannings has been known to give away promotional products to boost sales of not so popular goods that they carry and this time they did it again.

This promotional cup creates synergy with Tongrentang’s products as it enables recipients to consume the medication on the go. To consume this traditional chinese medicine, you will usually have to brew it, thus making typical takeaway plastic cups unsuitable. This cup acts as a perfect medium with double walled insulation which is ideal for containing hot water. Alongside the cup, a stirrer is also provided to accelerate the cooling process for drinking.

The promotional cup offers high utility and reuseabilty. Making the dreaded process of consuming medication an easier and frill-less one, the cup provides much convenience for anyone sick yet still on a tight schedule. Even after you have recovered, the cup can be used to store coffee or hot beverages, prolonging both the use of the cup and exposure of your brand.

The cup is only available in Mannings and also limited in stock. This creates exclusivity, inducing customers to spend more to receive this gift with purchase. On the back surface of the cup, instructions on taking medication and utilizing the cup to get well faster are imprinted. Minute details like this allows the establishment of a deeper connection with consumers, increasing perceived value.

A simple and functional item which works wonders for your brand. Promotional products like this are especially well received in pharmacies like Mannings, as it enhances consumers’ perception on taking medication to get well.