Insight guides is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a gift with purchase deal in Hong Kong – running in bookshops and offering the following travel promo choices

These promotional items cater to their customers needs due to their usefulness, enhancing customer travel experience. Furthermore, this promotional gift encourages buyers of insight guides to travel as well, which may spur future sales if new customers take up globe trotting as an interest. The logo is printed onto the luggage tag and insight journal, allowing for customers to be constantly reminded of Insight journal and travel guides they offer.

Promotional Products for Travel

In addition, the symbolism that these promotional items offer to Insight Guides is also interesting – they promote Insight Guides as a guide for independent travelers and backpackers who enjoy traveling to foreign countries without the help of tours. Ultimately, Insight guides promotion shows the the benefits promotional products offer to companies, both in terms of symbolism and promotion.