What better way than to receive promotional merchandise from a brand that you love? Marc Jacobs is offering a complimentary umbrella with any purchase of its large sprays from the fragrance collection. This fragrance collection includes Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh, Lola and Oh, Lola! The promotion is available only on Macy’s online store. The umbrella will automatically be added at checkout with any of the chosen fragrance items. Each consumer is entitled to one promo gift so grab yours today! While stocks last!

Come Rain or Shine with Marc Jacob’s Promotional Merchandise

Come Rain or Shine with Marc Jacob’s Promotional Merchandise

Marc Jacobs is an American brand that focuses on producing designer clothes, bags, shoes, fragrances, & accessories. It is an internationally renowned brand with over 200 retail stores in 80 countries.

Benefits of offering promotional merchandise

Now you must be wondering, why spend money to offer promotional merchandise? This is simply because it is the best form of advertising available in this day and age! Gone are the days where one only advertises through commercials or newspaper advertisements. Many companies offer promo gifts in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Although companies in the same industry may offer a similar range of promotional merchandise, each of them are branded differently in order to represent the brand’s image.

Customers tend to prefer brands which offer promotional merchandise as it shows that the brand cares about its clients and takes the extra effort to offer gifts for them. Satisfied customers would be encouraged to repurchase from the brand. This fosters brand loyalty where existing customers will choose your brand over others. They would also spread word about the brand to their friends and family, allowing more potential customers to purchase a given brand’s products. This would in turn help to generate more sales for the company in the long run.

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