The Chinese New Year is celebrated by a lot of Asian. Also, it’s the best time for brand marketers to scale their business through reliable and effective marketing gifts.  Our product designers have come up with another batch of oriental promotional gifts that are perfect for the lunar festival.

In view of such joyous occasion, brands usually offer promotional gifts to their customers and employees. From the employee’s perspective, a promo gift boosts staff morale because they feel appreciated. Whilst at the same time, if we offer customers excellent marketing giveaways, it leaves a good and lasting impression to the brand. It is a good business strategy that results in new customers and increases sales.

Oriental Promotional Gifts Ideas

Bento Cutlery Set


Oriental Promotional Gifts-Bento Cutlery Set

Oriental Promotional Gifts-Bento Cutlery Set


This bento cutlery set, popularly known as portable cutlery set, looks extra appealing to customers. It’s a handy set that you carry around when you’re on a trip, at work, at school, etc. The boxed gift set contains the basic stuff needed for eating; spoon, for, and chopsticks. What makes it really unique is the fact that it saves box space by utilising an interchangeable head concept. When you’d like to use chopsticks, you can easily remove the chopstick head and vice versa. Also, the team creates plastic utensils hence it’s lighter than the metal counterparts. Overall, this portability edge over other bulky cutlery sets makes it a really attractive gift.

If you want to see another portable cutlery set, check out the link below:


Branded Card Holder


Oriental Promotional Gifts - Namecard Holder

Oriental Promotional Gifts – Namecard Holder


The first step to an effective promotional product is creating something that your customers will actually use. Items that are hidden inside the drawer won’t do you any good. Therefore, these card holders are one of the best items for marketing. It is portable, visible, and useful. Also, just be extra careful with the card holder’s quality as you don’t want to give out something that easily rips.


Tea Set


Oriental Promotional Gifts - Tea Set

Oriental Promotional Gifts – Tea Set


Finally, last but not least, we have these promotional tea sets. Treat your customers to quality ceramic tea sets which are fully customised according to your brand’s theme. These premium teapots with teacups and saucers are a delightful way to share a cup of tea with a family, best friend, and colleague. Therefore, they are terrific gifts for friends and family.

Overall, these oriental promotional gifts are a great way to make your company stand out from the rest. Because in order to outrun your competitors, brands should showcase how your business differs from the rest. And through these oriental promotional gifts, your brand gets an edge, a unique selling point, which is really great for the brand.

If these items interest you, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is always ready to answer your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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