Spotted on Toys and Games Fair a product suitable for children for the upcoming Soccer Soccer world cup.

A 20 page football note pad with each page marked out to record all the players in a team.  It has its own little clipboard and pencil so you can look like a professional coach.

For branding, logo can be printed on the notepad, pencil or clipboard itself- It can be given out individually as a promotional item or included in party packs.   Party packs for football can consist of other soccer merchandise designed for kids from huge range of soccer items to choose from such as…

  • Eraser
  • Whistle
  • Key Ring
  • Pen, Pencil

This promotional concept could also be used in any sport where there is a coach giving instructions.   It could also be used to promote safety, note taking, instruction or any other activities requiring a clipboard since it is very easy to redesign and customise the paper part.