This character at the HK licensing show really caught our eye.    This Green-top 16 seater minibus is iconic in Hong Kong and is one of several transport themed characters from books by Thomas Beckett.  Other characters such as the Tramway and the Star ferry were also on the booth but are just more touristy and to an extent overdone or less unique.  In the books, “Ming the Minibus” embarks on a magical journey to explore the world each time he discovers a new topic to learn about.

This stressball keychain is funky and comes in bright and cheerful colors. Children will love to have this fun toy to squeeze and play with. With a story behind it, children will dream up of exciting adventures every time they play with it.

Local children can relate to this character easily since it is a HK minibus and this story and local TV stations have also now used these character to give children lessons on overseas Geography.  This brand shows how to craft a story for your promotional products and how to connect with children by building brand awareness.

Giving stress balls as promotional gifts are great for its low cost and practical value. They can be easily customized to incorporate your logo or brand.   Give them a local identity and they’re sure to be a hit!