Preparation for the National Basketball Association (NBA) season is now under way. One month from today, June the 24th, the 2010 NBA Draft will take place in New York City and will be broadcasted in the United States by ESPN.

Teams in the NBA will take turns to choose amateur college basketball players in the US and internationally too.   Basketball fans across the globe will be anxiously waiting for the start of this event to support their favorite teams.

In preparation for the season, ODM has recently received enquiries from teams for stadium replicas. (See also the Melamine Snack Stadium for soccer which can be customised).  Basketballs, jerseys, club key rings, etc…  are all common gifts along with collectible figurines of key new players.. (Sports Equipment and related products)

Basketball’s popularity has surged since the 1800s. Basketball courts have flourished rapidly over many countries, especially in China, since the entrance of the first Chinese basketball player into the NBA.

Basketball is a common sport in Chinese factories.   The large loading areas for container trucks often double up as a concrete court for workers and the limited sports equipment required make the sport easily accessible..

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