Nescafe Malaysia are currently running a promotion featuring a GWP coffee cup along with purchases of premixed coffee sachets.   This GWP cup is perfect for those who want to drink coffee as they commute around town.

When mass producing mugs like this brands can make a number of changes to the overall look.  The plastic injection can have different colours to compliment the drinks companies logos and corporate colours.   Silk screen printing or heat transfers can be good options for displaying and advertising the brand..

This Nescafe mug has a closed plastic top, important for travel mugs.  Choose from flip open or screw top according to budget and level of insulation.

Consider opening a new mould if you have larger order qtys.  You can include a logo in the mould or use different colours of the closing part to create contrast.

The base of the mug has a logo so when you drink people know you are having a Nescafe.

Why not play with your next promotion and put a humorous message on the base.   How about a teaser to whet the appetite of those who are sitting nearby.

Promotional cups like this can have double walls providing insulation for those on the go – always important if your mug does not have a handle..

As with all promos, Packaging and Print are always key to give your gift a higer end perceived value.

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