Beiersdorf, a very big company in the personal care product business, started a promotional campaign and related it to the Olympic Summer Games 2012 to advertise for the Nivea products.

During this PoS promotion, the customer has to purchase more than 8€ worth of Nivea products to get one of the promotional items. You can choose between a neoprene ball, a skipping rope and a cool bag.

German Promotional Nivea Items

Because the promotion is related to a special event, it will attract all the people who want to participate either in watching or even in taking part in the Olympic Summer Games 2012. Also, a lot of other people will feel attracted because they have the choice between three products which are quite useful during the summer time. These gifts with purchase are chosen well to lead people into the stores to buy Nivea products.

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Just a few words for our German readers:

Passend zum Sommer ist diese Aktion gestartet und dem Konsumenten wird jegliche Auswahl überlassen. Ob Neoprenball, Springseil oder Kühltasche, hier ist für jeden etwas dabei. Die Werbeartikel bieten einen guten Anreiz zum Kauf der Nivea Produkte, da sie bestens auf Sommeraktivitäten zugeschnitten sind. Außerdem ist der zu investierende Betrag relativ gering, was es umso attraktiver macht an dieser Aktion teilzunehmen.