The purpose of a promotional product is to advertise your brand whenever possible and add value to your customers’ patronage – often by offering greater utility for their everyday life.  However, how can this function be fully maximized if your recipients are unable to bring them around and use them on the go? (where your brand receives optimum visibility)

Collapsible Basket for Grocery

Solution: Introducing ODM’s collapsible series, featuring items which are extremely portable and travel – friendly yet not compromising on utility.

This collapsible feature, often incorporated into items too bulky or inconvenient to carry around, provides much ease by compressing one whole item. See below: the following Hall of Famers in the Collapsible Series:

The Generation Water Bottle

1. Collapsible Water Bottle

Perfect for travellers, this reusable water bottle is so convenient; with various ways of keeping it compact.

  • Fold & Flatten
  • Attached with metal carabiner to allow user to clasp it on backpack
  • Roll and use carabiner to secure it – as shown in pic
Perfectly customizable in colour, this water bottle also allows for logo printing prominently on its cover.
It is also eco-friendly and BPA free! (too much BPA exposure may cause cancer and other harmful side effects. Great GWP for recycling campaigns, outdoor/sports events and marathons! 

2. Collapsible Sandals – Chinelas

How could we forget one of ODM’s signature items – the Chinelas! Collapsible sandals for ladies solving problematic issues created from prolong wearing of heels.   See:

3. Collapsible Bucket

Designed for easy storage and easy carriage, the collapsible bucket is so versatile that it makes a suitable gift with purchase for a wide array of markets.

Champagne GWPs

Utilising an on-pack mechanism with proper combination of synergy and utility, the collapsible bucket could very much increase the perceived value of your customers’ purchases.

Providing customers a solution to their inconvenient needs would often convert to brand loyalty as they will have your brand to thank for while using them (likewise strategic logo placement).
Ranging from wine and champagne (as ice buckets etc), outdoor activities like camping and fishing, to groceries – see foldable basket. 

Collapsible Bucket - Easy Storage for ice, fish etc

Collapsible Ice Bucket with Bottle Opener