Olay, a leading skincare whitening company is giving a butterfly hanger for free with purchase of latest product range.   This butterfly is unique and eye-catching, definitely something which will leave an impression on Olay’s consumers.  This hanger is distinctly decorative and very functional as it can hold over 12 belts/scarves in a closet.  For the brand, it is a cheap promo to manufacture compared with product cost.

It is not mentioned in store, but I guess Olay probably uses a butterfly symbol to bring forward the message that using their skincare product is like undergoing metamorphosis, as your skin rejuvenates itself to become more youthful and radiant.

Currently, this promotional gift does not have a logo or slogan on it, so consumers may not be able to strongly relate this hanger to Olay’s whitening products.   ODM could ammend this product and make in other new shapes, change the background colour during manufacture – and definately help brands offer this with an interesting and unique print.


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