‘Fetch’ – ODM makes new card game using the Hana Deka Club license.    ODM came up with the concept, rules, packaging and so owns the IP on the game.   Any corporate promotional brand can be placed on the reverse so that these can be used in promotional product campaigns.

ODM have used the Hana Deka license to make these playing cards and as such a small percentage of our sales price will be a licensing fee for the images.    ODM can arrange to manufacture this sort of card game using a wide variety of licenses or clients own images.

Game Play – 3 games in 1 pack.

  • “Memory Fetch” an interesting and challenging memory game where the better you remember, the higher you will score.
  • “Go fetch”.   Ask opponent for the card you need – go fetch from the stack if you can’t make a pair.
  • Use the cards to play your favourite traditional card game, from rummy to poker using the “Fetch” card will add a fun twist to the games you know and love.

ODM will be at the HK Licensing show (combined for first time with the HK Toys show in January) where all the big brands will be busy negotiating licensing deals.